Each of our dances has its own set of traditional tunes which change as the figures of the dance progress. Our musicians play melodeon, accordion and fiddle. Concertina has also been part of the band in the past.

Notations for our tunes can be found below (opens .pdf files)

Sheffield Carols

We are proud to continue Sheffield’s unique carolling tradition.

Described as one of the most remarkable instances of popular traditional singing in the British Isles, the Sheffield Carols take place in the pubs of the villages along the western strip of Sheffield during November and December. Pushed out of churches by the Victorians in the 1820s and ’30s (who did not approve of their questionable doctrine and indecent exuberance), these carols have long ceased to have much connection with organised religion. Instead they are sung for the sheer joy of singing, in tightly packed tap rooms with pints of Sheffield ale in hand.

More details about the Sheffield Carols can be found here.

We sing carols at a number of events during December, including our annual Christmas party. We’ve put together a collection of words for the most popular carols (opens .pdf file)

‘Diadem’ sung at the Royal Hotel, Dungworth