‘Sword Dancing in Handsworth and Woodhouse’

Handsworth Traditional Sword Dancers have been delighted by the enthusiast and positive responses to a new book, Sword Dancing in Handsworth and Woodhouse, which details how the dance emerged in Handsworth and Woodhouse as well as covering the colourful history of the team up to the present day.

The author of the book, Boz Davison, is one of Handsworth’s dancers and the team’s chief archivist. He has kindly spent many hours over the past decade maintaining the historical accounts and records of Handsworth Sword Dancing and continues to make new discoveries that tell us more about how the dance and team has changed over time.

Boz’s new book, written with lots of help from wife Helen and completed in 2021, is the result of three years’ dedicated research, which included scrutinising many, many boxes of documents, interviewing long-serving members and visits to Cecil Sharp House.

The book is now available for the very reasonable price of £6.50 (plus £2.50 p&p). If you’d like to get a copy, contact Boz at boz_spider@yahoo.co.uk.

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