Handsworth Traditional Sword Dancers


Handsworth Six Man Dancers

The HTSD team at the New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield- complete with new six-man kit!
(9th November 2016)


Boxing Day at Woodhouse 20015

Boxing Day at Woodhouse 2015


Boxing Day 2013

Les Seaman holding the Swords



Boxing Day 2007 Outside St. Mary's Church at Handsworth.
(At the back left to right)
John Pitts, Les Seaman, Paul Matthews, Pat Malham, (the hat behind Pat belongs to Peter Bearon, he is underneath it!), Boz Davison, Richard Wills, Donald Watts, John Larwood and Steve Sinclair.

(Then the 3 crouched down)
Geoff Lester, Brian Mitchell and Alan Thornsby.


Boxing Day 1974 at Woodhouse
(At the back, left to right)
Patrick Malham, Brian Smith, Bernard Kidd, Danny Gallagher and Geoff Lester.
Martin Higham, Steve Sinclair and Dave Higham.
Mike Tissington, Alan Thornsby, Harry Pitts and Les Seaman.



Boxing Day 1966 Outside St.Mary's Church at Handsworth.
(Just to name a few)
Harry Pitts on the right. Pat Malham on the left with the sword held high.
Ivor Allsop with the beard at the back.

Full team - . Harry Pitts ( Capt) Les Seaman, Pat Malham, Clive Turner, Jack Pickering, Tony Houghton,
Ivor Hardwick, Ivor Allsop,
Music Bernard Kidd, Peter Evans.
Picture by Jack Holmes. ref. (JH66 1067)